About me

Over the past few days I have asked myself, “Who am I?” So who am I? Well, firstly I’m Autumn. I am a mom of two beautiful children, but I’m also more than that. I am strong, and resilient. I am loyal to a fault. I put everyone else first, especially my children. I am honest, maybe too honest. I am also impatient. I hate long lines unless it’s at chick fil a, I hate sitting in traffic, and I hate it when people don’t use their blinkers even though I don’t use mine. I also think I’m hilarious, so I laugh at my own jokes more than I care to admit.

Me as a mom: I told myself I would do a lot of things before I got pregnant that have since been thrown out the window. My two and a half year old has a tablet that he uses pretty regularly. I get frustrated easily. I have dirty dishes in my sink, and what is that smell? Oh right its me because I haven’t showered since 2019. Just kidding, but seriously. I co-sleep with my son against my will. My daughter luckily sleeps in her own bed. I swear too much, my son loves to say shit. I don’t have it all figured out, each day is a new day and a new day for me to mess up. But that’s okay, we’re all in this together. I hope you enjoy what you read!